Monday, October 20, 2008

Grace........We all could use a little of that.

Though I do not consider myself Christian as I dont believe Jesus to be God, I am still in awe of many of the writings attributed to the Bible and its writers. One such writer has talked greatly on something called "Grace". What a beautiful concept, isnt that something we all wish we would get once in a while?" Havnt we all screwed up so badly we just wish someone would say "Dont worry is all right?" I love it when my wife tells me she loves me and forgives my bull.... I think St. Paul rambles on about how such an idea of "Grace" is applied, but hey, I forgive him.

Enjoy the vid.........It pretty much sums up Grace for me.


societyvs said...

I like grace - the idea of mercy and compassion - that we would look out for someone we do not know to take care of them - I like those concepts myself.

Tit for Tat said...

Thanks Jason(societyvs)

Glad you were the first poster. You helped open my world to a different view, I will always be grateful for that. Keep doing what youre doing, it makes a difference in others lives.

Luke said...

grace rawks! good vid too.. check out this video and let me know whatcha think:


The First Domino said...

Thanks for the song, and the message: "It's all the same." What is more graceful than a state of total acceptance, come what may?

Bold Grace said...

Great song JT


Tit for Tat said...

Thanks Geo and welcome.

Foggy Blogger said...

Grace, easy to preach, easy to throw an Amen at, but hard to practice.

Thanks for sharing the vid tho. It moved me. *sniff*