Friday, December 12, 2008

Crystal Ball, Crystal Clear? For those of us who like the Question.

This post was inspired by my internet friend Doug at Freestyle road trip. Ive recently been following several blogs that seem to have similar threads. It seems the whole bunch of us are all wondering the same thing and with that wonder we all seem to profess to have a crystal ball, or at least the desire to get one. Its funny reading from atheists, Jews, Christians, Deists and many more, that we all have the same wish. To at least have a glimpse of what its all about. This song is for Doug and his Mid life questions. Happy 40th Doug.

I used to like to walk the straight and narrow line

I used to think that everything was fine

Sometimes Id like to sit and gaze for days through sleepless dreams

All alone and trapped in time

All alone and trapped in time

I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me

Or am I even in its mind at all

Perhaps Ill get a chance to look ahead and see

Soon as I find myself a crystal ball

Soon as I find myself a crystal ball

Tell me, tell me where Im going

I dont know where Ive been

Tell me, tell me, wont you tell me

And then tell me again

My heart is breaking, my bodys aching

And I dont know where to go

Tell me, tell me, wont you tell me

Ive just got to know

Crystal ball

Theres so many things I need to know

Crystal ball

Theres so many things Ive got to know,

Crystal ball


freestyleroadtrip said...

John. I am honored that you have devoted a post to my quest and my 40th birthday. Thank you. I like everything about the song except the body aching part. I have become a firm believer that our bodies age partly because we let them. We quit doing things like getting down on the floor or running because we think we shouldn't due to getting older. Well, to hell with that. I want to be completely used up when I die. I want to be doing Ironmans when I'm 80. I also hope that I never feel like I've arrived at a place where I have God in a nice little box and feel like I have the answers. To me that is a place where you start to die. Thanks for the post.

Luke said...


that's RAWK right there.

as the arcade fire says "children don't grow up...our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up. we're just a million little guys trying to make it before everything turns to rust.

guess we'll just have to adjust."


The First Domino said...

To at least have a glimpse of what its all about.

A little glimpse: Listening to an inner source, I was told a few years before the beginning of the new millennium the following:

You're entering a new age, a new way. A new wind shall blow your way until the day you die.

And my life hasn't been the same. And the life of the planet hasn't been the same.

The Wind that was referenced is a destructive wind: it's ripping asunder all those things that we thought were permanent and secure, all the things that we have put our faith and confidence in.

What will emerge is a greater appreciation for the real--for what is honest, for what is important, for what is of value.

Definitions will change. We will see everything through new definitions--new definitions of God, of Life, and our place in it.

Tit for Tat said...

My pleasure Doug.

I thought you might appreciate the song, seeing that you now are officially "older" lol. I grew up with Styx and I realized youre not too far behind me.

Redlefty said...

Hey, I saw Styx in concert five years ago and they were still great. Lots of talent all around, instrumentally and vocally.