Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What does it take?............Effort.

We all wonder what makes a great relationship. The common belief is that if we just find the "right" person, our "soul mate" everything will work out fine. The truth is that all our relationships require effort. It is an effort to communicate, compromise and on the really challenging days just plain getting along is tough. I love the feeling of being in "Love", I like the high, just as Im sure most of us do. But is that what a real relationship is about? I think the feeling is more about nature making sure that we procreate. The real relationship begins when that "high" becomes more moderate. It is in that frame that we need some Effort. This post is for all those people who Love, and in their Love they hopefully show it with their Effort. Somedays I need that reminder too.

The two of us are one of a kind

A combination aint easy to find

Why do I get a feeling from you

Things aint right?

Do you need something new?

Knowing how both of us live

Leaves us so little to give

If I could grow wingsI would do anything

Just to keep you with me

Cant you see?

If I could fly high

I would give you the sky

Dont you make that mistake

What does it take?

It's not like I've been mean to you

Its not like I've got something better to do

The life I live you'll never understand

If you fly with me we'd never have to land

Its easy to live hard and fast

But inside we know it wont last

Oh yeahhhhhhh

Knowing how both of us live

Leaves us so lilttle to giveYeahhhhhh

What does it take?

What does it take?

What does it take?

What does it take?


Anonymous said...

Well said, John. It takes work. And sometimes it is not much fun. I find that there are times when I feel as "in love" with my wife of now 15 years as I was when we started dating 18 years ago. But then there are days when it just seems like work, and I would rather be backpacking across the US like Chris McCandless without anyone to hassle me. But to give up on the relationship during those times, those times that actually make us stronger and better and more loving, would be a grave mistake. It is actually those hard times that make things better. Nothing of value comes without struggle. Nothing. (I just had all my thoughts come together for my next post.)

Luke said...

i hear ya! it's work, but what a job it 'tis!

Anonymous said...

"This post is for all those people who Love, and in their Love they hopefully show it with their Effort." (John)

So true - a reminder I needed and got (in a kind of suspect way). But I do realize that love is something that we have to work at - revitalize from time to time - and drive for the passion that keeps 2 people in Love. Love exists - sometimes the effort is the proof (and man do I have some proving to do).

Christopher said...

I really appreciate the section of your post where you said "The real relationship begins when that "high" becomes more moderate.

At one time, I focused only on the love aspect of God's nature. As I read more about God specifically from the Old Testament I began to understand and appreciate better, "who" God is.


Grace and peace be with you.

Tit for Tat said...


Interesting, I find it hard enough to communicate with my wife in the flesh. I cant imagine what its like trying to communicate with someone who doesnt actually talk back. Kudos to you for being Psychic.

Foggy Blogger said...

I agree that Love is work... but in terms of relationship, i find the question of choosing the right partner to be even harder. Should i choose the one who makes my toes tingle, or the one who may be good for me in the long run...even i dont find them *ahem* exciting...

Course im a bit of a "in love" cynic, i think sometimes the people we fall in love with arent necessarily the ones we should marry... ugh now im going in circles! Time for me to step away from he blogosphere!

So, who should one marry and work at love with?

Will said...

This post reminded me of something my girlfriend asked me a while ago, "What verb describes the purpose of your life?" I thought about it for a while and came back with "To Relate"

I think life is about relationships. Our relationships to our fellow humans, G-d, nature, and to that special person, are all that really matter. When I die, it will be all that is left of me. Was I loving? I like to feel that I am and will be.

Tit for Tat said...

Fogster.......Hows that song go, Love the one youre with.

Will.....If there is a Creator, then Im sure learning to love the creation is enough.