Monday, January 26, 2009

The Feminists that informed my world, didnt need to burn their Bras

I think back to the early women in my life. Though life may not have always treated them fairly or equally, it didnt matter, they rose above that and took life on its terms and made it wonderful for all of their loved ones(which included friends and neighbours). The 3 women I am going to pay Homage to all had a profound impact on my life, here are a few words about each one of them.

1. Granny: this is how we all remember her. A woman who lived through the depression, 2 world wars and countless other challenges in life. She usually brought love and strength to the people in her life. When her husband was away at war she ran the house, as well as working in the factory to insure a good income for her family. She was a strong woman who let you know where the line was and not to cross it. Though we all respected her, none of us feared her, because along with her strength came an incredible amount of Love. I never heard her complain, even as the arthritis ravaged her body. She always had a place for her children and grandchildren and she was as loyal as they come. Her life sure wasnt perfect but in no way did she think it was unfair to her. She is the first of the feminists I have known.

2. Auntie Joyce: Ever wish you had a second mother? Well I was fortunate enough to have one. She is another incredibly strong woman, mind you its no wonder considering who her mother was. When we were young boys we had chance to watch a woman physically work along side her husband and build a cottage for her family. She would wrestle with us and kick our butts. No chance that we would beat this "girl", she was just too tough. At 60yrs old she joked with me that she could still take me out. I looked in her eyes and remembered thinking, maybe she could, lol. On top of keeping us in check, Auntie Joyce gave us incredible amounts of Love and Nuturing. We are blessed.

3. My Mommy: This is how my brother and sister referred to her. I remember in Highschool my brother and I calling her mommy and some friends went to tease us, after the look they got from my brother they quickly stopped. Life definately wasnt fair to my Mom, though she married and had 3 healthy children, life then showed how unequal it can sometimes be. At 30 her husband died, leaving her alone to raise 3 young children. Over the years we have watched the ultimate feminist. She went back to school obtaining a Masters Degree all the while raising her family and working. She was caregiver, income provider, educator, peacemaker, but mostly she was Mommy. The challenges my mother has had were always met with resolve and dignity. She is a shining example of how one can respond to the inequities of life. The people in her life have been blessed by her presence. This poem is for you Mom.

"All the endless days and nights, you watched me grow
Trying to show me and have me say no
It seemed I learned nothing or not quite enough
But the greatest gift you gave me
You taught me how to love
And for that I thank you."


Redlefty said...

Incredible women; thanks for sharing!

freestyleroadtrip said...

Great homage. Thanks for sharing.