Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How long is TOO long?

Well it seems the days are getting longer and as we all know spring and summer are just around the corner. Now for most of us that just means the weather gets nicer, the air is warmer, flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and everything is just more colourful. But there is a dilemma that faces every man come springtime, and that would be the new clothing or lack there of worn by most women. You see, men seem to be more hardwired to the visual than women do. So every year I approach spring and summer with both excitement and trepidation. I know without a doubt I will be presented with some very stunning visual disturbances along my otherwise peaceful day. Now let me get one thing straight. My wife is a damn fine looking woman, and I am very much in love(lust) with her, its just that nature has implemented this system that has my eyes being diverted on occasion. Its interesting that it also seems that the women of the world are quite aware of this predicament and do their very best to feed this insatiable beast. I am very hard pressed to think that every woman dresses for themselves or other woman. Its not like the whole of the female species is gay. So obviously the intent is for us. They want us to look. The delicate touches put there to accentuate all the right curves is obvious. Other than having a neon light above, it seems to scream out, "Hey, take a look at this". Now here is my question for both the men and women out there.

How Long is TOO Long??


Denise said...

Let me be the first to comment on this one.
Personnaly I think the "how long" depends on what you're looking at and also depends on whether "she" (the wifey) is around you. Let me explain. If I'm with my husband and a gorgeous women walks by, I expect him to look just as I would. We sometimes even comment things like "Wow, she's gorgeous" (that would be me) and "I guess she's o.k." (that would be my husband) :)
A part of me doesn't really care, as long as I feel loved and desired by my husband (which I do).
Mind you, IF by any chance I would catch him looking for a little toooo long, (1 second), I simply just hit him on the arm and remind him that she probably has a horrible personality and is most definately a horrible lover :)

Anonymous said...

It all depends on if she knows you're looking . . .

I attend college, and there is more than enough eye candy all around. I consistently find myself looking away on purpose. The last thing I want to be seen as is a pervert.

Catch a glimpse, marvel at the fine creation that is woman, and then move about your business . . .

Luke said...

if the drool starts to pool, then it's prolly too long.

i love the two comments and totally agree with them too! i can't wait to read what else comes, this is a great post.

Zoe said...

Depends on if the woman you are looking at, is with her mother at the time. In that case, don't look at all...safer that way. :-)

Tit for Tat said...


Good point, I know the feeling, my daughter is turning 12 next month and is turning out to be a fine looking young lady. I sense ulcers are just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting question. Obviously, there are a lot of beautiful people in the world, and I am glad to be a part of that group :) with a very hot wife I might add! I think it is certainly OK to notice beauty in another person. To desire that beauty for myself I think takes it too far. My wife is the object of that. I don't think I can put a time limit on how long is too long, but it is probably a few seconds. It doesn't take longer than that to notice. Longer than that may be unhealthy desire.

Redlefty said...

I guess I'm a relativist as I think there's no single answer and it depends on the context of the situation.

Although in general I don't think it's a good idea to reroute a walk or drive just to get a longer or better glimpse of somebody.

Anyway, in Houston's traffic if you drive a quarter-mile out of the way that could cost you a half-hour. Good motive for behavioral control.

My challenge isn't so much the spring/summer clothing as it is the office attire. I've always loved the professional/glamour look, and it's sometimes difficult seeing it flaunted all day.

Vodka Mom said...

OMG I am LAUGHING so hard right now at your fucking bitch comment on my post!! I loved it.


Hal Johnson said...

I wish I had an answer for ya. I appreciate the female form, yeah, but sometimes, I feel like getting through the day would be a little easier if they'd all wear four pairs of long baggy overalls.

Fat chance they'd ever be so considerate.

Tit for Tat said...


Thought you might like that one. ;)


I saw an interview with a Muslim man from afghanistan, asking what he found attractive in women. He said their ankles. It was the only skin he could see because they were covered everywhere else. Ah the imagination of man lmao.

Anonymous said...

John. Karmen hasn't ignored you. She tried to comment yesterday, but didn't get signed in correctly and lost it. We have been super busy, and it should slow down a bit this weekend. Let me know if I am pushing Denise too hard. I really want to pry into her brain on this and understand what she knows and thinks about what she does.

Tit for Tat said...

Hi Doug

Dont worry about Denise, she's a shark, I suggest you dont swim too deep. lol.

karmenl said...

Don't laugh, but it took me a second to figure out what you meant by 'how long is too long.' ---- a split second, mind you.

Oh man this is a minefield for me!! If I had my way I'd say any look is too long. I know that's not realistic. And it only shows how insecure I really am, I guess.

I guess I'd just like my husband to not STARE. It's RUDE in most cultures. Especially rude in the United States of Karmen. I think a glance is best, just don't keep going back for seconds. It would be particularly humiliating for me if I was present and my husband was ogling some Hot Babe and the hot babe noticed him ogling her. I'd feel like sloppy seconds for sure. That said, I'm not sure I'd like him ogling her in my absence either.

Is it too much to ask for the guys of the world to politely appreciate someone's beauty and then move along?---1-2 seconds, maybe try not to be too obvious, try not to get caught, and then back you go to the real object of your affection.

Foggy Blogger said...

Well i guess we could start making women wear burqa's... but as someone pointed out, men will imagine something else as sexy. So maybe the answer is for everyone to walk around naked! Wait (shudder) mebbe not. There are some things that i dont wanna see.

As for too long, i vote for Denise's answer and recommend staying out of LA and Hawaii. Women can wear skimpy clothes pretty much all year round! Oh wait, mebbe that'll desensitize you!?

dorsey said...

Bless my wife. We had been married a year, and I was doing my best to be the best PromiseKeeper I could (LOL), when she said to me, "You're a man. Men are going to look. Quit beating yourself up. As long as you're still in my bed at night, I'm not losing sleep over it."

Then she quoted my grandmother, "It doesn't matter where you work up your appetite, as long as you eat at home."

breakerslion said...

In my experience, she wants someone to look, but if you're too old or married, the view's not really done up for you. That doesn't mean she doesn't want acknowledgement or appreciation, but don't linger. It's also a sign of respect if you maintain eye contact while conversing. It's amazing how many men don't know or understand that, or just can't do it.

One should train the mind to take a quick snap shot. Don't cheat and use your cell phone unless you have no fear of the consequences of being caught.

Anonymous said...

What is the use of beauty if it is not admired?

Truth is there are a lot of beautiful women out there - and they look beautiful - and kudo's to them and the time they take to accentuate what they do. Heck they know it - let them enjoy that.

I see women all the time - I also work at a university - and I have no problem with the idea many women can be and are beautiful (including my wife).

What matters to me is that my wife knows she is - and I treat her like she is. The rest can have all the stares they so much as desire - I desire letting one woman know she is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on...not like my wife will read this but she has my eyes and attention.

mac said...

AHH, yes.

This is a dilema.
Among my addictions are beautiful creatures. I can't see enough of them, I can't satiate my eyes :-)

Just try not to get caught staring...and if you do, try not to be maniacal, just acknowledge your faux-paus and go on.

I'm not really sure I don't, in my mind, objectify a lot of women. BUT, I do try to make them feel as though they are not merely objects.

faithlessinfatima said...

When rigor mortis sets in...that's definitely too long

Anonymous said...

Oh I have been spending an inordinate amount of time staring down tops whilst I have been here. No-one wears much and bras are definitely not popular. It is the only way to pass a bus ride.

I always just cast my eyes upwards the minute they notice I am looking at them, smile and then look away bored. I think probably as a woman I can get away with a longer look than a man could without seeming too pervy.