Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damn those immigrants!

The other day the wife decided to go for a pedicure. We have a small place in a mall close to our place of business. It is run by a local Vietnamese family. As my wife was sitting waiting for her pampering she overheard the mother(owner) of the business talking with her daughter. It turns out the daughter had taken a leave of absence from her job(Lawyer) to help her mom run the family business. So over the course of the next 30 to 40 min my wife had an enlightening conversation with a fellow business owner. It went something like this.

Wife: So how's business?

Owner: No good. People no like work!

Wife: Are you having staffing problems? I know we certainly are.

Owner: Yes, too many lazy and greedy. English, white canadian women no like work hard. Sorry lady, no mean you.

Wife: Thats ok, Im French Canadian.

Owner: Yes, you work better.

Wife: So do you find this kind of behaviour with all employees?

Owner: No, mostly White Canadian women. But American white women worse!

Owner: Lady, you look too good. You shouldnt dress nice like that. Your employee's will think you rich and want more money for less work.

Wife: Thanks for the advice.

After that little discussion the wife was at least happy that she looks good. Even though we're not rich.

Damn those immigrants and their family values and work ethic, they are giving us a Bad name.


mac said...

I love that Asians don't seem to have a filter. They'll tell you exactly what they think.

How crazy is it to haave gone through Law School and still work at a nail salon?

Que said...

LOL! That is great. Sometimes you have to step out of your box to have a conversation like that.

soccermom said...

Wow so canadians are lazy? hmmmmmm
Thats a new one to me.

I love hanging at salons, you can always pick up some good news, I mean um, bullshit for a good laugh.