Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freedom! Dont touch my free...Oops I mean Limited Choice.

Have you ever noticed how many people in the West think they have freedom? The fact is, what we do have is limited choice. Now, I do realize our choices are much greater than most nations in the world, but all the same they are still limited. If we dont like what our leaders are doing, we, in theory have the opportunity to vote them out. It is here that our idea's on freedom get a little murky. The determining factor in our society in regards to freedom of choice is something called the "all mighty dollar". Whoever has more of these definately has more freedom to choose. There was a time when being the biggest and baddest on the block gave  you the right to the most freedom, but now it is all pretty much based on whoever has the most bucks. Democracy is a misnomer for our society. Capitalism and Consumerism are the driving forces. Any attempt to change our political situations is immediately met by the stark reality that finances determine who gets the most airplay and opportunity to share their values with the average voting individual. It doesnt matter what your party affiliation is. If they have the most dollars they have the bigger chunk of freedom of choice. In order for a party to have a large bank account they obviously have to have people with deep pockets to help fund their campaigns. Do you ever wonder how those lovely altruistic people or companies get paid? They get more FREEDOM. Freedom to choose how and when their lovely ideas get put into play. In Canada(and the USA) the majority of the population did not want to go to war in Afghanistan or Iraq. Was this ever put to a vote in our democratic nations? Nope! I wonder who then wanted this to happen? Could it be the people who have more freedom of choice and more financial gain determined this outcome? Since the recent economic downturn who has been given more freedom. It sure as shit isnt the less fortunate! Pretty much all the bailout money has seeped into the pockets of the most fortunate. Now how's that for freedom? Harper, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Trudeau, and all the other leaders of our great nations have one thing in common. They have the most Freedom to do as they please because someone behind them has the most bucks. Have a nice limited choice day and dont forget to pay your Taxes, someone needs more Freedom.


soccermom said...

Wow, tell us how you REALLY feel. lol

I agree with you completely!
at least as much as I can since I am not big into "political" talk.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a democracy, this is Capitalism! (They are different in case people don't know)

I have been finding that big business and corporations are now running things, and gov't (although of the people and for the people) is falling neatly into their silver lined pockets (effectively silencing our votes).

It's really sad to think that some many millions of people can be held hostage to the rules of some 1000's of people.

Que said...

Very good post. Money makes the country move. And it will always move in the direction of the people with the most money (Rep or Dem).

xxxx said...

Go fuck yourself you retarded piece of shit.

xxxx said...


Jennifer Juniper said...

We do all march around talking about our freedoms (me included) but you're right, it's a messed up system.