Friday, July 9, 2010

SHOW ME THE MONEY...........shhhh, Dont tell me where it comes from

11 million illegal immigrants in the good old USA. Damn thats a lot of crooks. Well, in all fairness lets say only 60% of them actually work for the syndicate.  I guess the other 40% have a good old fashion "legal" job. You know, the one that gives you a weekly salary doing the shit work that the average joe american doesnt want to do. So, you have to love the constant bellowing, I earn my own money, I work hard, I am a self made person. I wonder though, all those people who have made millions and invested their money to make more, have they ever invested in a company that employs the "criminal element" of their society? Honestly, does anyone truly know how and where each company derives its profit from? How many times do we we get fruit from our local farmer and assume that he/she only hires citizens? Do we actually know for a fact that any of the products  produced are guaranteed to come from citizens and not illegal immigrants? The bigger question is, do want to know? Its easy to sit in Ivory towers and preach down on the "others". The cars we drive, the video's we watch, ice cream, toilets cleaned. How many of these are done by the undesirables? Does anyone have the answer? Im sure I could name a couple. ;)


Redlefty said...

We (as in my wife and I) hire illegals to clean our house, mow our yard, and sometimes to do really tough landscaping work. And I have no regrets.

Tit for Tat said...

Hi Mike

Thanks for stopping by. Long time no talk, hows the family?

Gucci Mama said...

Since you're calling me out here, love, I'll tell you that my money was largely made in real estate, not orange groves or cotton fields.

The veiled jab you make at those of us who supposedly live in Ivory towers is pretty weak, quite frankly. I find your insinuation that I rely on "undesirables" to do my dirty work while I swim naked through my money just a little bit sickening.

Unemployment is through the roof right now, with Obama at the helm of the sinking ship. When you say, like a democrat opposing Emancipation in 1863, that we "need" illegals here to do the jobs "Americans won't do" I call bullshit. I suspect that those positions would fill up quite fast. The American economy didn't collapse when slaves were freed like the democrats of the time predicted. It will not collapse now if we actually enforce our immigration laws like every other country on the planet.

I have no issues with a legal path to citizenship. I also have no issues with making companies who knowingly hire illegals pay through the nose for their crime. The punishment should be painful and expensive.

I don't know why you keep wanting me to be ashamed of my success. Silly man, Titty Tat. You're a silly man.

Tit for Tat said...

Ah Mama

You so missed the point of my post. My gentle jab at you and Sage was just that. The truth is, your real estate wealth is probably build somewhat on the backs of illegals(Construction jobs are prime). Just as it is in every corner of every market of every capitalist country, mine included. I am just trying to show how little any of us really want to know about "our" so called wealth. Or at least how it came to be. Im sure most pot smokers wouldnt want to know that they fund cartels, nor does the ammunition makers like to think they help out Al quaeda. Food for thought baby, and we both know you like food.

Anonymous said...

I know this and this is a fact. In the 1860's when the Republicans were fighting to abolish slavery do you have any idea what the number reason the Democrats wanted to keep it was?

"Who is going to pick the cotton?"
"Who is going to do the jobs we won't do?"

The same thing the Democrats (and some of the Rhinos) are saying today.

The left wants these people to vote and not work (so they can buy their votes with entitlements) and the right wants them to work and not vote(so goods will be cheaper and they can't vote like Net Loss people for their own entitlements)

We figured out how to gather and process cotton without slaves I suspect we can gather anything else without them too. I also know a citizen who is rich woman that made her fortune cleaning houses and offices, so Americans can and will do that. I don't have any fortune, sure in net worth, I have some in dirt I struggled and busted my ass to pay for that would cash me out pretty strong but i sure didn't have any help getting it.

What I don't get in the argument is that I want them gone! I don't want them here at all illegally. So it doesn't hold water in my case. It seems the people who want them here are Liberal, so I don't qualify there.

Anonymous said...

I don't deny that they are abused. Taken advantage of and fortunes are surely made on their back. I sure think if it was me I'd try to get my country back on capitalism so everyone could prosper before I went across the desert to be a slave.

Gucci Mama said...

We both know I like food? What the fuck, Tat?

Tit for Tat said...


You're a bright guy, but sometimes I wonder why you are so fucking stupid. Now, I mean that in the best sense of the words. Capitalism is about making money, its NOT about being honest. And if you believe that, well, you've got issues I cant help you with.
I will buy you some good Canadian beer to help drown out your delusions. Afterall, most beer from the states is pisswater.

Tit for Tat said...

We both know I like food? What the fuck, Tat(Mama)

Youre passionate, remember, you said you like food. Information/food, can you say analogy???

Gucci Mama said...

Alright, it's late and I'm drinking wine. I thought you were calling me fat and I was ready to cry big tears and start a bonfire with your clothes out on the lawn. Now that I know you're not repulsed by my rabid eating habits, we can be in love again.

Beryl said...

Capitalism is an economy, not a mindset, yes? I live in a state that borders Mexico and half the blood in my veins has it's origins there. I am certain any immigrant seeking shelter here is not concerned with politics though I do believe were they to think about how much politics distracts the very gatekeepers who might actually affect their porous access they would be all for the current impotent politics of our fair land.

and er ummm as an seem like a pretty decent fellow with something to say, who I would hear much better were you less apt to attack a man you know so little about.

Dialogue is good, no? :)

Have a great weekend!

Tit for Tat said...

Capitalism is an economy, not a mindset, yes?(Beryl)

No, capitalism is a mindset that leads to an economy.
Im not attacking, Im teasing, its a guy thing. ;)
I hope you have a great weekend too.

mac said...

I dunno. I'm one of those Americans working one of those jobs that require a lot of effort.

I'm not sure if Americans are unwilling to do the jobs, or are unwilling to do the jobs for the cheap wage that's offered.

SoccerMom said...

Interesting topic. Hmmmmm I dont think It makes any difference to me to know or not know.

But I live in my own little world to who the hell cares what I think.

xxxx said...

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