Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Conservatives like their Titties...........

I actually like these  fellow bloggers for we have much in common. ;)

A couple of blogging acquaintances or friends(hopefully) have made me aware of how important it is for some people to have a label to describe themselves. These wonderful people, Gucci and Sage like themselves to be known as Conservatives. Now, I can probably agree with them on some of their political views how they might be able to see themselves in such a light but I am a little mystified when it comes to some of their actual behaviours. You see outside of their politics they sure do seem pretty liberal as evidenced by these Interesting and Conservative posts. Well, I wonder what Real Republicans like good ole Ronald and Nancy would think of this behaviour, seems to me Conservative wouldnt be the first word to come to mind.
One thing I have come to realize in my few short years is that Labels don't do us Justice. We are so richly layered with beliefs and behaviours, that trying to encapsulate it with words such as Democrat, Liberal, Conservative or Republican seem to fail miserably. It seems my new friends think of me as a Liberal and in some ways my behaviours reflect that but deep down inside I guess Im just a small "c" conservative. Afterall, I sure do like some Titties.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Really, Its a Man's World.......Yeah, right!

Do you remember those special days, those days when all you could do was try to get your mom's attention. "Look Mommy, I built a sand castle just for you." or maybe it was as simple as riding your bike. "Hey Mommy, Im a big boy now, I can ride my bike without any help".
As we slowly aged things started to change. No longer did we only try to please Mom, we now had a different female to attract. We started working out to make ourselves more manly. We took better care of ourselves, paid more attention to our hygiene. Geez, we even started to comb our hair. Next thing you knew we were even attempting to woo that special someone. Poetry, nice music, we tried everything to make ourselves look special. It wasnt long after that we knew it would take something more to seal the deal. We needed to get a job to get the special car that could transport that special someone to all the cool places we dreamed about. It was hard work, but damn, she was worth it. The plan seemed to work but the older we got the more discerning she became. Education, Job advancement, home hunting, the list goes on. If it was up to us, beer and crackers and the hammock would be fine. Nope, you had to become a connoisseur of wine and a creative dinner planner. Intrique, seduction, LOVE making. Oh my God what ever happened to us men? One thing I tell you, WOMAN.

So tell me, Really, who's World is It?