Monday, July 11, 2011

Under your bed...........

I remember my youth and the stories you would hear about the "monsters under your bed". Of course we grew to realize it was just a way to tease or keep children fearful. It seems the idea lives on even in some adults. Most people dont get assaulted or raped but you regularly hear feminists talk about the fear of walking down the streets. When I hear this I wonder how many have actually been raped or assaulted, I wonder how many have known the real sting of pain? The truth is, it seems more like a political stance for certain individuals to bring attention to their causes. This post is born of frustration of all these people who dont know shit. Woman or man, this is a post to all of you out here who know some of the monsters are REAL .

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Game face: What do you present?

The power of a look is sometimes terrifying. In certain instances this is exactly what is hoped for. As I watch this video I am awe struck by its power. The intent of the one team is evident on the faces of both. Intimidation, fear, dominance is all there for us to see. I remember back when I was young and I knew that if I could create a certain 'look' that I may be able to keep certain individuals from hurting me. You see, most times fights are either won or lost way before anyone throws a punch. If you instill a certain unease or doubt in your opponent you may not even have to fight. This was a craft I came to perfect. The problem is, when developing such a strategy it is not so easy to turn on and off as needed, so I found myself being asked on many occasions, why are you so angry? The reality was in stressful or tense situations I subconsciously put on my game face, even though it was not called for. This talent/curse has been the bane of my adult life and I hope to one day get it under control. I dont doubt that sometimes it is needed, I just want to be able to determine when I put it on.

"Slowly all the roles we act out become our identity
And in the end we are what we pretend to be"_ Jerry Cantrell