Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shrodinger`s Rapist is a Sexist

I was out for a walk the other evening and as I was fast approaching an elderly woman I realized that she might be scared of me. So just before I came near her I coughed to announce my coming. Here is what transpired.

Me: I hope I didnt startle you.

Her: Oh, dont worry young man I saw you coming a while back.

Me: Well Im glad I didnt scare you.

Her: Why would you scare me

Me: Well I thought you might think Im a rapist and I could hurt you.

Her: I can take care of myself. By the way, how do you know whether or not I have a gun in my bag.

Me: Hmm, I dont, but lets be real, Im much bigger than you and I could probably easily overpower you and take the gun away.

Her: My, my that is quite the pocket full of assumptions you have. Chuck Norris thought the same thing of me back in the seventies. It wasnt until he ended up on his back at Bruce`s club that he learned differently.

Me: You fought Chuck Norris at Bruce Lee`s club.

Her: Sure did, havnt you ever heard of Jeet Kune Do

Me: Of course I have, how old are you

Her: Didnt your mama ever tell you its not polite to ask a woman her age. Now open that door for me sonny.

Me: Yes Mam.