Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot wife, some things never change................

I had the opportunity to go to a high school reunion recently. It had been almost 30yrs since I had seen the bulk of these people. Obviously many of us have changed, well, physically at least. When I graduated I was a whopping 130lbs. Needless to say I wasnt a chick magnet back then. In fact I dont really remember having a real steady girlfriend during those years. I did though have a crush on a girl for a couple of those years. She danced with me once at one of the school functions and I was hooked. Unfortunately she wasnt, so for the remaining time I pined away hoping she would have a change of heart, that did not happen. So here I am 30yrs later hoping I would bump into her again. She wasnt quite what I remembered but I still wanted her to meet my "hot" wife. I guess I figured if I could show my wife off it would redeem me in some sense. Funny how some of our dysfunctions never leave us. So, the big moment arrives and I see here in line waiting to get a beer. I look and around and wifee is nowhere to be seen, Im going to have to go it alone. "Hi, remember me?" She replies, "yes". Oh, I now revert back to my teenage self, "I guess I will talk to you later" and proceed to walk away. I am now frantically looking for wifee to back me up and then I start to laugh. Holy shit, youre still a loser. Regardless of what you have, some things just

never change unless you change them. I will be booking an appointment with my therapist this week. :)