Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Im usually an optimist..................

Some weeks are better than others......

Though its not quite as bad as this vid. SMILE.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Headache Remedy

I was dumbfounded by a recent comment by my WONDERFUL wife. She suggested a little bit of loving for me, but then the truth came out. "I think it will help me with my headache, she quipped". Headache? headache? Let me tell you about a headache!! This got me thinking, would a guy ever be able to get away with this self serving comment? "Honey, I think Im prepared to give you a little loving because I believe it might help my headache". No way, no how is that going to get you past first base. Now, dont get me wrong, its not like Im going to pass up on the opportunity, but really.
Honey, do you need anymore help with your headache?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Narco Terrorists/Collateral Damage

After years of Narco Terrorism, causing death and despair, the Canadian military, with the help of the Mexican military, has decided to rid the world of this scourge. Pinning the terrorists in small communities along the Mexican/American border the two armies move in for the kill. Unfortunately, with the help of corrupt individuals on both sides of the border, the terrorists flee to safe haven in towns on the American side. With the help of informants the powerful Canadian military locates the exact positions of the Narco Terrorists. Though they are now in a sovereign nation the Political and Military influence exerted by the Canadians demands that the Americans allow controlled air strikes within their borders. As the information has been relayed to the Canadian military it releases unmanned, remote controlled drones to bomb these targets. Even though many of the terrorists are killed there is an unfortunate by product of these attacks. Dozens if not hundreds of innocent civilians are maimed or killed. The Canadian government acknowledges these as an unfortunate circumstance but they stand by their actions. Afterall, Narco Terrorism needs to be dealt with regardless of the potential cost. Back in Canada on the nightly news hundreds of young angry Christian Americans burn Canadian flags and shout death to the Canadians. Canadian citizens are confused as to why their "Allies" would do such a thing.


This story is completely fictional. Any relation to ongoing
world events is purely coincidental.