Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How long is TOO long?

Well it seems the days are getting longer and as we all know spring and summer are just around the corner. Now for most of us that just means the weather gets nicer, the air is warmer, flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and everything is just more colourful. But there is a dilemma that faces every man come springtime, and that would be the new clothing or lack there of worn by most women. You see, men seem to be more hardwired to the visual than women do. So every year I approach spring and summer with both excitement and trepidation. I know without a doubt I will be presented with some very stunning visual disturbances along my otherwise peaceful day. Now let me get one thing straight. My wife is a damn fine looking woman, and I am very much in love(lust) with her, its just that nature has implemented this system that has my eyes being diverted on occasion. Its interesting that it also seems that the women of the world are quite aware of this predicament and do their very best to feed this insatiable beast. I am very hard pressed to think that every woman dresses for themselves or other woman. Its not like the whole of the female species is gay. So obviously the intent is for us. They want us to look. The delicate touches put there to accentuate all the right curves is obvious. Other than having a neon light above, it seems to scream out, "Hey, take a look at this". Now here is my question for both the men and women out there.

How Long is TOO Long??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What would the Teenage Jesus do?

I do not think Jesus ever directly said he did not sin, this seems to have been implied by other writers. So with that said,I have always wondered about the teenage Jesus. We know so little about this man's life. Most information is based on his final 3yrs of mortal existence and a few references to him as a child. But what happened when the testosterone hit? He is supposed to be fully human, so how do you think he handled the hormone surges? Afterall we do know he did express anger as an adult(righteous or not). So what do you think was on his mind when he was checking out the nice looking Jewish girls? I can just imagine if he was fully human he might have joked to his friends, "check out those melons".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Equality the aim? Guess again!

It has been many years since the beginning of the feminist movement. And though it has made many gains it still has a way to go. In the past it was obvious that women were treated as inferiors. They were paid less than a man, yet did the equal amount and quality of work. In divorce cases they were usually left with the short end of the stick. Before legalized abortion, womens lives were threatened with back room abortions. Its impressive how far we've come as a culture. There is still room for improvement though, and not all of it is in regards to equality for women. There is a voice out there that is not being heard. This voice is that of the genuine father. It is true that a womans body is her own, yet in the event of her becoming pregnant it is forgotten that it took someone else for this to occur. What happens to the father of a fetus(child) that is about to be aborted? His voice is not heard, the determination is left solely up to the woman. Is this fair or equal treatment? There are good men out there that are left in an emotional wasteland because their concerns are not being heard. They are helpless, and yet this is considered the way it should be. Another example is in the case of child support, when it was clearly agreed upon that the couple would not have a child. If the woman then decides to change her mind and get pregnant without the consent of the father, he is then legally required to pay support. Is this fair? Is this not a similar type of oppression that women faced years ago? In both these instances the father has no rights, he is at the mercy of the woman. Is this a type of inequality that we want our culture to promote? If inequality is not right for women, how can it be right for men? Lastly in the event of a divorce, typically it has been the woman who gets primary custody. Now I know this has changed drastically in the past decade, but it still has room for improvement. We should not judge all fathers based on the ones who are negligent. There are many good, upstanding men who want equal treatment in the rearing of their children. It is a common mistake to assume that women make better nurturers than fathers. My hope is that we are treated as equals in all areas. The truth is, there are good and bad apples in both genders.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

They may be rights, but are they right?

I've recently been discussing fertility treatments and potential limits on it. The conversation then ventured into abortion and women's rights and their bodies. In the news there was a woman who bore 8 children do to fertility treatments, she also already has 6 children. The comment I responded to was that maybe this woman has mental issues and that potentially, fertility treatments should be legislated and limited. I remarked, "if that was the case, shouldnt abortion then be held to the same standard?" My example was a woman who had 10 abortions and was unwilling to practice safe sex and would continue to use abortion as a means of birth control. This example is just as ridiculous and potentially harmful as the woman who now has 14 children. Both are extreme examples of abusing certain "rights". My question is, "Is it right that women have complete control over what they do with their bodies?"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Egad, Im a Polygamist!!

Let me explain how this came to be. I have been married for 4 yrs and recently I've discovered that I am actually married to 4 different women.

Wife #1

Ah the wife who laughs at all my jokes. The one who thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread. This wife allows me to be king(temporarily that is). The passion we have knows no bounds. We are in sync emotionally, intellectually and physically. WOW the freaking SEX is awesome.

Wife #2

She is somewhat more sensitive. I tread ever so lightly with my remarks. Though she is still very connected to me, the link is not quite as strong. I now know that we make LOVE, not so much have SEX. My jokes have lost some of their luster. All in all we are still very connected but I am aware that I need to watch my behaviour more closely. I'm soooo confused, whats happening??

Wife #3

Well now, Attila the Hun has nothing on this lady. Watch what you say or its "Off with your Head". Her glare strikes fear in my heart. Jokes, what's that? Life is serious business. I suggest we take a DEEP BREATH, Uh Oh.................

Wife #4

I now have my nurturing hat on. I summon all my strength to be the most Loving husband I can. Usually I fail miserably as I can't even begin to fathom the changes she endures. Whew thank god I'm a Man. "Wahhhhhh, you never understand, I wish you could feel what I feel". Oops sorry honey, I'll go get a chick flick.

I can't imagine having more than 4 wives. ;)