Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damn those immigrants!

The other day the wife decided to go for a pedicure. We have a small place in a mall close to our place of business. It is run by a local Vietnamese family. As my wife was sitting waiting for her pampering she overheard the mother(owner) of the business talking with her daughter. It turns out the daughter had taken a leave of absence from her job(Lawyer) to help her mom run the family business. So over the course of the next 30 to 40 min my wife had an enlightening conversation with a fellow business owner. It went something like this.

Wife: So how's business?

Owner: No good. People no like work!

Wife: Are you having staffing problems? I know we certainly are.

Owner: Yes, too many lazy and greedy. English, white canadian women no like work hard. Sorry lady, no mean you.

Wife: Thats ok, Im French Canadian.

Owner: Yes, you work better.

Wife: So do you find this kind of behaviour with all employees?

Owner: No, mostly White Canadian women. But American white women worse!

Owner: Lady, you look too good. You shouldnt dress nice like that. Your employee's will think you rich and want more money for less work.

Wife: Thanks for the advice.

After that little discussion the wife was at least happy that she looks good. Even though we're not rich.

Damn those immigrants and their family values and work ethic, they are giving us a Bad name.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just had a great Birthday with my wife. She actually golfed with me and lost the bet. Hmmmm, now the challenge is to wake her up and collect on it(very difficult when you have french wifey who likes her sleep). So I guess I will just drink and sing to myself. Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee, happy birthday you old f...er, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee. 

Freedom! Dont touch my free...Oops I mean Limited Choice.

Have you ever noticed how many people in the West think they have freedom? The fact is, what we do have is limited choice. Now, I do realize our choices are much greater than most nations in the world, but all the same they are still limited. If we dont like what our leaders are doing, we, in theory have the opportunity to vote them out. It is here that our idea's on freedom get a little murky. The determining factor in our society in regards to freedom of choice is something called the "all mighty dollar". Whoever has more of these definately has more freedom to choose. There was a time when being the biggest and baddest on the block gave  you the right to the most freedom, but now it is all pretty much based on whoever has the most bucks. Democracy is a misnomer for our society. Capitalism and Consumerism are the driving forces. Any attempt to change our political situations is immediately met by the stark reality that finances determine who gets the most airplay and opportunity to share their values with the average voting individual. It doesnt matter what your party affiliation is. If they have the most dollars they have the bigger chunk of freedom of choice. In order for a party to have a large bank account they obviously have to have people with deep pockets to help fund their campaigns. Do you ever wonder how those lovely altruistic people or companies get paid? They get more FREEDOM. Freedom to choose how and when their lovely ideas get put into play. In Canada(and the USA) the majority of the population did not want to go to war in Afghanistan or Iraq. Was this ever put to a vote in our democratic nations? Nope! I wonder who then wanted this to happen? Could it be the people who have more freedom of choice and more financial gain determined this outcome? Since the recent economic downturn who has been given more freedom. It sure as shit isnt the less fortunate! Pretty much all the bailout money has seeped into the pockets of the most fortunate. Now how's that for freedom? Harper, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Trudeau, and all the other leaders of our great nations have one thing in common. They have the most Freedom to do as they please because someone behind them has the most bucks. Have a nice limited choice day and dont forget to pay your Taxes, someone needs more Freedom.

Friday, July 9, 2010

SHOW ME THE MONEY...........shhhh, Dont tell me where it comes from

11 million illegal immigrants in the good old USA. Damn thats a lot of crooks. Well, in all fairness lets say only 60% of them actually work for the syndicate.  I guess the other 40% have a good old fashion "legal" job. You know, the one that gives you a weekly salary doing the shit work that the average joe american doesnt want to do. So, you have to love the constant bellowing, I earn my own money, I work hard, I am a self made person. I wonder though, all those people who have made millions and invested their money to make more, have they ever invested in a company that employs the "criminal element" of their society? Honestly, does anyone truly know how and where each company derives its profit from? How many times do we we get fruit from our local farmer and assume that he/she only hires citizens? Do we actually know for a fact that any of the products  produced are guaranteed to come from citizens and not illegal immigrants? The bigger question is, do want to know? Its easy to sit in Ivory towers and preach down on the "others". The cars we drive, the video's we watch, ice cream, toilets cleaned. How many of these are done by the undesirables? Does anyone have the answer? Im sure I could name a couple. ;)