Monday, August 16, 2010

Nine Lives.....................#1

Recently I was reminiscing about events in my life that could have easily turned for the worse. Fortunately nothing dire happened but it sure did seem like I was using up some of my "Nine Lives". Hope you enjoy both the humour and foolishness of some of my youthful indiscretions.

Back in my early twenties several of my friends and I used to frequent a local strip club to play pool for money and beers. I know, I know, but really, it was for money and beers. The scenery was definately a plus though. During one of my games I was embroiled in a heated debate over a shot that I took. It turned out the gentleman I was playing with did not agree with my position. During the course of our disagreement it came out that he was a member of a motorcycle gang that I was not familiar with. My friends knew of them but I was ignorant of their actual status. My conversation with the biker went something like this.

Me: Let me guess, youre a Hell's Angel wanna be.

Biker: Do  you not know who we are????

Me: What, just some stupid motorcycle gang!

Biker: (stares me down) You know what, its your lucky night.

He then proceeds to walk away. By this time my friends in the corner were turning white with fear. They yelled at me for being a fucking idiot. They then proceeded to tell me that the "Outlaws" were actually a rival of the Hells Angels and that they ran the strippers in and out of the clubs in that area. For the next several weeks I stayed away from that establishment and thanked my lucky stars I wasnt swimming with the Fishies that evening. I guess some days its better to be lucky than smart.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gallows Humour

Many years ago before I became a Massage Therapist I had a job as an orderly at a local rehab hospital. I was 20yrs old and full of life. One evening as I was doing my rounds I came into a room and proceeded to put up the bed rails of the patients. One of the patients requested that I leave his down and come back later to put it up. I figured I was going on break soon, so I said I would do it after that. When I returned to the room I found that he was no longer breathing. I was a little out of sorts to say the least. I felt ill equipped to begin CPR, so I went to the front desk to tell the Head Nurse of my predicament. She screamed "Doctor Heart" and there was a flurry of activity. They attempted to revive the gentleman but too much time had elapsed and he was declared dead on the spot. It was then that I and several others had to prepare this man for the morgue. We were all new to the experience of dealing with death and the tension was palpable. It was at that moment I decided to try to "lighten" the moment. Seeing as the man was a double amputee(legs) due to his diabetes I remarked, "Where are we going to put the Toe Tag"? Unfortunately that little joke did not go down to well. Never to be put off by a simple failure I tried again shortly after. We were in the midst of moving the body from the bed to a guerney when all of a sudden there was a raspy growl from the body. The nursing assistant then yelped and dropped him back on the table. At that moment I remarked, "He's Alive". After a collective groan I realized my future as a stand up comic would not become a reality.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fight................does it ever end?

The blows rained down on me, but unlike raindrops they stung. The only moisture I could feel were the teardrops that flowed down my cheeks. "Please, stop! I dont want it anymore". There was a pause, a brief reprieve. Just as I was beginning to feel relief, the words that echo in my ears came out. "You Fucking Faker". SMACK!

Certain moments in our lives shape us. They leave indelible imprints that forever cast a shadow over us. In the previous post I touched on how our habits affect us. Though I no longer physically fight I seem to be drawn to combat of other sorts. Certain verbiage pushes buttons that I did not know still existed. Though I have worked hard at tearing down the walls it is obvious that some are still standing. I see and hear things that many cannot understand. Once in a while a run across a fellow traveller who understands me. I see it in their eyes or hear it in their words, The fighter.............

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First we make our habits............Then our habits make us.

Who are we? It seems we are the sum total of what we do. Sure we may have genetic predispositions to certain behaviours, but does that mean this is who we are. The more I see myself, the more I see that I am what I do. I mean that the things I consistently act on seem to create the person that I am. Throughout my life I have attempted to modify or correct negative behaviours or on the other hand continue with the positive behaviours. Yet, even with this awareness I now realize I only succeed in positive change when I make it a habit. I think I need more practice in certain areas. Today I will be more proactive with certain habits. How about you?