Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fight................does it ever end?

The blows rained down on me, but unlike raindrops they stung. The only moisture I could feel were the teardrops that flowed down my cheeks. "Please, stop! I dont want it anymore". There was a pause, a brief reprieve. Just as I was beginning to feel relief, the words that echo in my ears came out. "You Fucking Faker". SMACK!

Certain moments in our lives shape us. They leave indelible imprints that forever cast a shadow over us. In the previous post I touched on how our habits affect us. Though I no longer physically fight I seem to be drawn to combat of other sorts. Certain verbiage pushes buttons that I did not know still existed. Though I have worked hard at tearing down the walls it is obvious that some are still standing. I see and hear things that many cannot understand. Once in a while a run across a fellow traveller who understands me. I see it in their eyes or hear it in their words, The fighter.............


Gucci Mama said...

Oh man. I don't know what to say in comments that everyone can see. Wow. This is my very favorite thing you've ever written. Bravo, these words are powerful.

KittyCat said...

First, Love your new profile pic.

I am one of those ppl that is mostly calm, and you really have to do something bad to piss me off.
when you do God help you.

I also am not good at letting go of being pissed easily.

Is this what your talking about?

Tit for Tat said...

Thanks Mama, I appreciate that.


Calm wouldnt describe me lol. The post is actually about fighting and where it comes from for me. Lets just say my youth was interesting.
Thanks for the compliment on my pic.

mac said...

I suck at arguing.
For me, it's like a fight. I honed my fighting style in the Army, and years of martial arts.
My philosophy is strike hard, fast, and as deadly as possible.

That does not work in a civil argument.
And, some of these guys are better fighters than me ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree, as a man, I am the same way - I have this streak to 'fight' within me...maybe not on some physical level - but on other more mental levels. I always have to keep my nature in check - since I am married and women really don't appreciate this aspect of a man.

The Constant Complainer said...

I work in Risk Management. So I'm always looking for the bad and investigating it. And many times I have to get into it with people who are threatening to sue and all that.

And you're right; it does shape you. I find myself wanting to argue and debate other things. And sometimes it is hard to let it go. I guess that's why I'm not a laywer.

Great post.