Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cherry Pickers.......................

I've always wondered how the chick could tie the stem with her tongue? Equally baffling for me is how certain individuals label themselves “Conservative” even though many of their actions speak otherwise.

Now I understand that we all have certain values and for many of us those values would be deemed conservative but what do you call those people when their other actions show a completely different viewpoint? You can be pro life, same sex marriage, right to bear arms, lower taxes, which are all typically conservative values. But what happens when you have other interests, such as, porn, profanity or ostentatious displays(bling for contemporary people). I have a pretty hard time listening to people swearing more than a drunken sailor who has been at sea for 6 months or the individuals who like to role play about being “spanked by daddy” and then keeping the film in their lockbox for future viewings(hope the kids or parishioners don't find it), and then they tell you that they are conservative. Showing others that you have more and better stuff isn't a typical conservative trait, nor is it nice.

The point I'm trying to make is we all like to label others or ourselves, but doesn't that do a disservice to the person we are? What happens when we don't line up completely with that label, does that make you less of a person? Of course not! What demeans you is when you try to deny the fact that you are multi-dimensional and you label yourself based on a typical polarizing political viewpoint.

I think the individuals who call themselves Conservative or Liberal are like the chick with the cherry, they must have a forked tongue.

An interesting side note. Rupert Murdoch owner of Fox News Network and the leading conservative newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, was pulling in more porn money through a satellite company than Playboy made with its magazine, cable, and Internet businesses combined.

I wonder if he's Liberal or Conservative??