Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DENIAL: Isnt that a river in Egypt?

Human nature, the need to be in the know. We all seem to gravitate to a belief system that purports to "know" what is going on. Black or white, true or false, wrong or right. Each of us choose a system that works for us. Yet isnt it true that we are all somewhat in the dark on matters? Even when we come to certain conclusions about life havn't we all found later on that it wasnt quite what we assumed it was. This is very common in religious/spiritual ideas, but it is also very common in science too. Many times the new formula replaces the old. It seems, for the most part, that nothing is absolute. I wonder then, wouldnt it be better to try and take from each others belief systems the parts that work and try to implement them into our own existence? I own this way of thinking also and am starting to feel fatigued by the conversations that lead me to think I know better than the next person. Anybody out there have any ideas on how we can all change that behaviour? Atheist, agnostics, Theist, Deists, Realists, Nihilists. We all seem to belong to one of these families. Do you think it possible for us all to belong to the human family?

"They had a meeting for functional families and only 2 showed up. They were both in DENIAL"


Luke said...

humanity and all it entails. i believe that there is something to affirm in every belief system. some have more than others.

Andrew said...

Yeah... I was reading a blog today where the author had gotten fed up with being protestant, so he became Catholic... that isnt working, so he is trying Orthodox.

I think all of us who are looking for the right group are bound to be disappointed. I am wondering though if the Achilles heel of the group is their concern with being the right group.

For example, my family and I have become very involved with a local theater group this past year. Everyone in the group have become great friends, a little theater family. The kids get great mentoring from the adults, talents are being developed and used, and everyone belongs. Contrast that to my church life where belonging is very conditional, my children are taught that their friends who do not think as they do are going to hell, and where relationships are formed in order to get folks to join our group.

Just stuff I am noticing.

Redlefty said...

Your question (can we unite in the confession of our inability to KNOW) is right at the top of my list of daily ponderings.

I haven't figured out a way to help with it, yet. Still trying, though!

Chris Ledgerwood said...

"Do you think it possible for us all to belong to the human family?"

Possible yes... probable no! I want to be more optimistic but history has shown differently.

Bar L. said...

Wow. I really like this post because its so true. I finally gave up trying to figure it out and allowed myself to believe what I actaully BELIEVED in my own heart and mind. Its been so freeing. There's no name for what I believe, no one else shares my exact views, but it feels good to drop all the BS and just love people and life and be thankful to who/what I believe is God.

I am glad I stopped by here and ran into an old friend in your comments.

Old Pete said...

My first visit for some time.

We feel the need to know because we are looking for security. Most people want to be told what to believe. The older I get the less I seem to know - but the need to know absolutely becomes less and less.

Do we really need to have common beliefs to belong to a 'happy family'? We have all been on different journeys (some longer than others) and seen different parts of the picture.

What does anyone think of this picture -