Friday, November 6, 2009

Reality and Scientific Proof

So lil Titfortat and lil Luke are playing in the sandlot when all of a sudden Luke steals Tat's shovel. "Jesus Christ Luke, gimme back my shovel". Smack, Luke punches Tat in the arm. "Dont take the Lords name in vain". "Owwwww that really hurt" Tat says as he rubs his arm.
Have you ever noticed how whenever we seem to get hurt we instinctively/intuitively know to rub it to help make the pain go away? It wasnt until recent years that Science has shown the mechanisms behind why this is a fact. My question is, did it take science to make that Truth real? And how many other intuitions or instincts are real but as of yet dont have the Science to verify them. Hmmmmmmmmm.


Luke said...

"My question is, did it take science to make that Truth real?"

yes. because left to religion, it'd be wrong and notice how Luke was motivated by religious purposes to steal your shovel in the first place. ;-)

good questions, looking forward to the responces.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on this one...I think so many people act is if science is going to solve all these ills in life - or explain and them - and sometimes it just might not...or they may have to wait for answers.

I personally like what experience can say to someone and the importance of that in this equation also. Experience effects persepective - it is the road on which we make our conclusions.

mac said...

I'll admit, I'm no scientist, not even an amateur. I think a lot of our lives are governed by these "instincts" or hunches, if you will. Religion, for instance; folks who believe in god (s) are sure of his (hers/it's) existence - they have no proof, but they are sure. It seems instinctive, to the believer anyway. I have a disbelief in god (s). To me, this too, seems perfectly natural, not really needing proof because I just "know it". (?)

Boz said...

This is how things sometimes work in sports science. Coaches and managers instruct athletes to do things because they work, and they base this on their practical experience. Then later on, scientific studies will show that this particular thing is beneficial for performance.

Anonymous said...

"My question is, did it take science to make that Truth real?"

No. Things are real or not real whether science approves them or not.

" many other intuitions or instincts are real but as of yet dont have the Science to verify them."

I'm willing to bet that number is high. More, how much of what science claims as "truth" today will be "error" tomorrow?

Lorena said...

Great point!

Some things just are. I was asking my husband the other day why on earth massaging the body alleviates pain. I don't know why. He doesn't either. We love massages anyway.

I believe in self control studies. Or like my husband would say, try everything at least once.

I'll give you a short list of things I've tried that failed during my "study"

- Christianity
- positive thinking
- paganism
- affirmations
- contacting the dead
- tarot cards
- psychic readings
- healing with mind powers
- prayers for anything other than cheering up self

For most things, what science says doesn't mean a lot to me. I have to try it.

Tit for Tat said...

Thanks for the comment Lorena.
You may like this book by Macolm Gladwell, its called Blink.

Lorena said...


I have read Blink. I love it. The book changed my life.

I read it when I was researching paganism, and I wrote about it here:

Sabio Lantz said...

"did it take science to make that Truth real??

No, but science will:

1) learn to use this knowledge to a deeper level to create helpful tools

2) Shut down theories about waking us little skin fairies in your arm by rubbing which makes the pain go away

3) Build knowledge instead of hide it.

Tit for Tat said...


#2....Man, do you get those pesky skin fairies? I think they used to call them "crabs". Hey, if you lived in a commune Im sure at some point everybody knew about them. ;)