Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shrodinger`s Rapist is a Sexist

I was out for a walk the other evening and as I was fast approaching an elderly woman I realized that she might be scared of me. So just before I came near her I coughed to announce my coming. Here is what transpired.

Me: I hope I didnt startle you.

Her: Oh, dont worry young man I saw you coming a while back.

Me: Well Im glad I didnt scare you.

Her: Why would you scare me

Me: Well I thought you might think Im a rapist and I could hurt you.

Her: I can take care of myself. By the way, how do you know whether or not I have a gun in my bag.

Me: Hmm, I dont, but lets be real, Im much bigger than you and I could probably easily overpower you and take the gun away.

Her: My, my that is quite the pocket full of assumptions you have. Chuck Norris thought the same thing of me back in the seventies. It wasnt until he ended up on his back at Bruce`s club that he learned differently.

Me: You fought Chuck Norris at Bruce Lee`s club.

Her: Sure did, havnt you ever heard of Jeet Kune Do

Me: Of course I have, how old are you

Her: Didnt your mama ever tell you its not polite to ask a woman her age. Now open that door for me sonny.

Me: Yes Mam.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love spunk . . .

mac said...

Great story.

Tit for Tat said...

Hey blogger friends, Ive been thinking about you both lately. I hope life is well. :)
Thanks for stopping by again.

Pish Posh said...

Did that happen? Haha! I was walking one day in kind of an isolated area and a guy came up behind me and called out to me that he wanted to let me know he was there and don't be scared and he immediately crossed to the other side of the street - I thought it was awesome and I have never forgotten it!! :)

Anonymous said...

it’s assault & battery but to this case. The man doesn’t press charges-police & prosecutors do and the prosecutors decide whether to pursue or drop a case with or without the victim’s consent. Rape/sex abuse cases must be judged individually and they’re not always as easy as yes/no cases. It’s possible for a woman or man to say no to 1 sex act but agree to another. Such as if a woman asked a man to do cunnilingus on her, many men would say ‘no, just ordinary (penis/vaginal) and or that she can give him head.’ In this case what it means is that he wants to do normal sex with her but he doesn’t want to do cunnilingus. & just as it’s possible for a woman or man to 1st agree to sex & then change mind and say no, it’s also possible for woman or man to 1st say no but then voluntarily change mind and decide to have sex. That can be true for many things. Sex becomes rape when force or criminal threats are used to have sex.

From this story, if she had sex with him after he told her no and she used force or criminal threats, then yes it’s rape. My guess is that woman’s story would be that he 1st said no but then he voluntarily changed his mind and said ‘on second thought let’s do it.’ Not concluding that is what happened but people sometimes do change mind from both yes to no and no to yes on things including sex. Finally yes, rape is about sex and sex is a main motive. As I said before, most rapists go after women 18 to 35 years old because that is who they find attractive. Rapists/sex abusers rarely go after menopausal women-women who are 50 & older make up 1 to 2% of rape victims because menopausal women are too ugly for most rapists. Most rapists go after women 18 to 35 years old because those are the prettiest years of a woman’s life & as said before 92% of women rape victims are under 40 years old & 75% of women rape victims are under 30 years old.