Thursday, September 16, 2010

Multi Culturalism is a Misnomer.

Here in Canada we pride ourselves on being "Multicultural". True enough we have Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese and many other cultures that live here, but are we truly a multicultural society? I sure do love some good old fashion Humus. Also, who doesnt like the effects of some belly warming Saki. Garlic spare ribs with some egg rolls are also delicious. These days I have even taken a liking to Bollywood dancing. For years I have always liked training Karate and Judo. Seeing that we incorporate many aspects of other cultures into ours does that mean we are truly "Multicultural"? I think not. For the truth is, even though I love many aspects of these cultures there are many things that I dont want to be incorporated into ours. I wonder how many women would like a Clitoridectomy? This is a horrific cultural practice in some African nations. I would imagine some of us like to get stoned(smoking pot), but Im not so sure they want to be "stoning" their daughters like the cultural practice that happens in some middle eastern countries. Though bollywood is a great Indian cultural practice do any one of us want to apply the ancient tradition of Sati that some hindu communities practice? I would imagine Gloria Steinem would not be in any hurry to burn herself alive if her hubby died. The truth is we cannot truly be multicultural. Sure we can incorporate certain traditions that make our culture prosper in many areas, but there has to be a dominant cultural practice. Our culture has and is growing past supertitious beliefs and religious interference in the lives of our citizens. We are truly becoming a society that is based on the rule of law that protects the rights and lives of its population. I think that we all need to look closely at how much other "cultures" are going to shape our future for our children. If not, we may lose the culture we have worked so hard to build.


mac said...

Good observation.

I have trained and taught Tae Kwon Do, but I won't touch Kimchi - Yuck. A few words, phrases, and bows are about as far as most of us go.

I can't imagine the barbaric pratce of a Clitoridectomy...unless one counts the common practice of genital mutiation carried out in our society daily. I wonder if we would see male circumcision as casually as we do were it not for our religious heritage?

ExtraO said...

Interesting. I think part of a culture can be the acceptance and appreciation of parts of another culture.

Gucci Mama said...

The way you see things never fails to fascinate me, Titty Tat.


KittyCat said...

I agree acceptance is a big issue.

Papa K said...

"stoned (smoking pot)"

Are there people out there who don't know what "getting stoned" means?

Cause I didn't. It's a good thing you cleared it up.

KittyCat said...

Where ya been man?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how many women would like a Clitoridectomy?" (John)

Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it (lol)...kidding.

"If not, we may lose the culture we have worked so hard to build" (John)

Interesting. Western or Canadian culture? What culture exactly?

On a side note, I am from a sub-culture within Canada that does not exactly agree with the dominant culture on everything - should I not seek to change the dominant culture? Even if it is intrinsically ethnocentric?

Top of that, many of the values I hold as a Christian do not mesh with Canadian or Western culture, should I just accept the dominant view and append to it's views?

Fact is, Canadian and Western culture are always changing - and not always for the better. Wasn't prostitution just legalized in Ontario? I can tell you I am not a fan of that and I can name many of these 'superstitious' cultures that are more forward thinking than that. I could rant on Capitalism, economic bullying, pollution, media, etc...and how all that is corrupting society as well. Hell, even the legal system has lost it's teeth.

I, for one, do not support Canadian culture outright and thus the label 'First Nations Christian'...Canadian would the 3rd value in that list for me.

Unknown said...

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Jim Jordan said...

Clitoridectomy. Ouch! Just the sound of it....